Visual Studio Lightswitch for business application development

Visual Studio lightswitch is part of visual studio family of tools which allows to simpler way of creating business applications for the desktop and the cloud.

As the logo of VS lightswitch say’s coding is optional. You can develop compelling business application without  or with very little coding.

Visual Studio LightSwitch is designed to simplify and shorten the development of typical forms-over-data business applications.
Most business applications needs to implement CRUD operations on some data stored in database. Also most of the developer time will be spent on ,

  • Writing code to interact with a data source.
  • Creating a User Interface.
  • Writing code to specify the business logic.

With LightSwitch, you can use databases which are automatically created or point to an existing data source without the need to write code. To help with the User Interface, LightSwitch provides Screens that are based on predefined templates and display data automatically by simply specifying which elements you want to show
More information use the following resources

VS Lightswitch on MSDN

Watch introductory video on channel 9

Learn how to build LightSwitch business applications.


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