Microsoft All-In-One Code Framework

Often you will looking for code samples to solve certain programing tasks.
Code samples will help in  understanding available operating system API’s and it usage.

All-In-One Code Framework  is code samples library provided by Microsoft. More than 3500 quality code samples covering various technical topic ranging from System programming,Device Driver programming, Windows Azure,ASP.NET ,Office SharePoint etc. Samples will be available both for Native ( C++,MFC ) and .NET developers.

Microsoft All-In-One Code Framework  has “Sample browser” application , that helps you to find the code samples written by the Microsoft team.
These sample are based on request from developer communities, customers and typical  programming scenarios.



To find the code samples
Visit and download the application. This application is based on click once technology.

Once it is downloaded , you can launch the application and search for samples by entering the query in the search box.
You can also apply search filter based on programming language ( C++,C#,VB.NET ) and technology.
Following picture shows the search results for “Mutex” with C++ filter.




More information can be found from

1. Codeplex website

2. Channel9 Resource

3. How to use video on developer channel


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