Embedded Linux application development

Currently I am working on project which is uses custom version of embedded Linux built using open embedded framework. This project also uses QT for all the UI development ,googletest for c++ unit test and boost c++ for all threading and asynchronous communication(boost.asio).

As part of development I have explored and collected web resources which helped me to explore ,understand and tryout the samples and tools. I thought  I would share the same in this blog post.

Boost C++ :

  1. The Boost C++ Libraries  : Excellent introduction Boost C++ libraries. It covers many boost libraries such smart pointers,function objects,boost.bind,boost asio,boost threads,boost file system and many more. It includes lot of examples on each topic.
  2. Guide to Boost asynchronous I/O :  Boost.asio is a library to develop responsive applications using  async I/O facilities built into moderns OS. It is built on top of the Operating System specific asynchronous IO facilities such as IO Completion ports on windows and  epoll and similar on UNIX based Operating systems. This tutorials covers  boost asio library in depth . It has numerous examples to illustrate the concepts used in library.
  3. Asio C++ Library : This tutorial is from the developer of boost.asio library. It covers tips and tricks and sample code to illustrate how to use boost.asio to execute arbitrary tasks using thread pool and asynchronous facilities.

QT :

  1. C++ QT training videos on YouTube :  Total 106 videos which cover QT basic to advanced concepts.
  2. QT Videos at QT project site : Collection screencast which covers wide range of QT topics from beginners to advanced presented by top QT training firms such as KDAB and ICSNetwork.


Embedded Linux

  1. Free Electrons :  One of best site for Linux and Embedded Linux. Lot of great free training materials.
  2. Embedded Linux conference video archive : Embedded Linux Conference is as vendor-neutral technical conference for companies and developers using Linux in embedded products.  This website has all session recordings of a conference from 2005 to till date .

googletest :

  1. Quick Intro to Google C++ Test framework : This article from IBM developer works technical library, gently introduces google test framework.
  2. Google C++ framework wiki :


  1. C/C++ Remote development using Netbeans  : This is great article which explains how to setup Netbeans IDE for C/C++ development . It explains how develop/debug application on Windows targeting Linux Box. It uses gcc tools /gnu debugger  over SSH/Telnet.

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