Speedy resolution of customer issues using Problem step recorder

Recently I saw a tool ( PSR) in windows 7 which allows customer to report issue/problem using screen capture technology.
This tool by default present in Windows 7 systems. Just type “PSR.exe” from the command prompt to launch this tool.

Using this tool is simple, run this tool and start using the system/application to reproduce the issue.
This tool records all user interaction with the system as screenshots along with the system information.
At the end , tool generates zip file containing all the necessary information.
User can submit zip file to developer for analysis. This allows developer to exactly see what operations user was doing when problem happens.

As this tool captures the screen shots it can be useful for anybody who wants to understand the customer interaction with the
system and to see exactly what customer was doing when problem happens.

Next time somebody tells you that your application is not working, ask them to run this tool and send the information to you.
More information can be found at